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This is the owners operators maintenance manual for Pfaff model 245 1245 Sewing Machine. It covers all the information you need to own, operate, and maintain this equipment. When properly used, the owners operators maintenance manual can assist you in the proper break-in, daily care, and operation of your Pfaff Sewing Machine

The owners operators maintenance manual contains specific information on features, available attachments, instructions for making minor repairs and routine adjustments, safety precautions, general specifications, suggested operating techniques, etc. There are several main sections; each section is indexed for fast & easy referencing. Each section covers a different area of the machine

Easy to read PDF owners operators maintenance manual to make safe operation, easy component identification, accurate minor adjustments, accurate routine maintenance and light repairs for your Pfaff 245 1245 Sewing Machine. All sections are neatly organized in Adobe Acrobat, the entire document is scalable to several times normal size. Tons of illustrations, general specifications, lots of pictures, step-by-step maintenance and operation instructions, information etc.

This is exactly like the paper manual made for this equipment; the only difference is this one is not paper, and doesnt need to be shipped. You get it right away! Zoom it, print it, save it, close it. Print a few pages at a time, as you need; no need to lug that bulky binder around anymore!

Click the download link above, and view complete details about the manual; then once you buy the manual, you will immediately get a link in your email. Download the manual and save it to your computer; view it and print it as many times as you want from then on.

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